Fully Funded Online Master’s Degree 2018

Brief Description
There are many students who are academically sound with excellent grades but due to their disadvantaged background, they can’t pursue their Master’s degree. Well, if this is your situation or similar, you are invited to apply for this Online Master’s degree scholarship offered by the University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester which is a public research university located in Manchester, England was established in 2004 when two institutions were merged together – Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester institute of science and technology.

This scholarship will allow graduate students with relevant academic certificates to study and earn a Master’s in Public Health. Professionals with excellent academic records from Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda are eligible to apply for this scholarship because it is primarily tailored for them.

The institution is offering internet courses to those who want to students who want to purse an online Master’s degree in Public Health. Internet courses also known as e-learning is a distance learning program which allows one to learn at their own pace and earn at the same time as they work. With online learning, there is flexibility of time.

This scholarship will be awarded to those who are willing to make a difference in their community via community service and other volunteer projects.

A computer system with good internet connection will be required to commence study as this is an internet course for online master’s degree.

The Scholarship application will commence October 1, 2017.

Scholarship Worth
Applicants who made it to the finalist will be awarded this scholarship which covers full fees and tuition, course materials, and much more. On completion of this course, one is awarded with a UK qualification certificate.

Selection Criteria/ Eligibility
Men and women who are qualified for this scholarship are encouraged to apply. Before he/she applies for this scholarship, they following will be required of them:

  • Applicant must possess an upper second or first class undergraduate degree (the equivalent is acceptable).
  • Minimum of two years post-graduation work experience that is relevant. (Internships and volunteer works will not be considered).
  • Have not studied outside Africa before
  • Applicant must either be a national or resident of Rwanda, Tanzania, or Uganda.
  • Show the willingness and potential to make a positive impact in their home country or community.
  • Good level of computer literacy is required –web surfing, emails, word processing, and much more.
  • Interested applicants must meet the minimum English requirements. – IELTS with minimum score of 6.5, or IBT TOEFL with minimum score of 90, Tanzania Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) with a grade C in English, Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least, grade 4 in English.

Certificate of proficiency in English from any local university will not be considered.

For further enquiries, please email equityandmerit@manchester.ac.uk

Fully Funded Cambridge Scholarship for International Students 2018

Brief Description
The University of Cambridge popularly known as Cambridge University is offering graduates the opportunity to pursue their Master’s degree in the institution. The institution which is a public research university located in England was established in 1209. This school is the second oldest in the English world. The institution is willing to fully assist academically sound graduates with a degree certificate from a reputable institution via its Gates Scholarship Program.

The Gates Scholars created by Cambridge University has developed to be a very significant scholarship amongst others known in the world. This Gates scholarship offered by the University of Cambridge is tailored to sponsor academically excellent applicants from any country outside United Kingdom to study a full-time post graduate degree in any field available in the Cambridge University. This scholarship is not for online Master’s degree.

Number of Scholarships
95 scholarships are awarded annually by the institution.

Scholarship Deadline
11th October 2017 for Nationals and residents in the United States.
6th December 2017 and 4th January 2018 for all other applicants who are eligible.

The Scholarship will be taken at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Eligible Course of Study
Any course offered by Cambridge University – MLiit, PhD, MSc

Eligible Applicants
All graduate applicants from any country outside United Kingdom are eligible to apply for this student grant.

Students Eligibility

  • Applicants who are pursuing to study a full-time course in PhD, MSc, MPhil, MLitt, LLM, MASt, MBA, Diploma etc.
  • And if you are a national of any country aside United Kingdom.

Applicants should visit https://www.gatescambridge.org/apply/eligibility to see full eligibility.

Scholarship Worth
This scholarship covers the full fees and tuition of successful applicants plus living allowances, travel expenses and much more. Extra funding for academic development, field work, and family allowances are also given to applicants who made it to the final list.

More information about the scholarship worth can be found here – https://www.gatescambridge.org/apply/value

How to Apply
Interested applicants must apply for admission via the institution’s graduate admission portal by the set deadline.

US citizens and applicants residing in the US are to apply for admission by 11th October 2017, while international applicants are required to apply by 6th December 2017 or 4th January 2018. Failure to apply for admission by the set deadline will automatically disqualify you for the student grant. His scholarship is not for online Master’s degree.

Scholarship Link
Please visit http://www.gatescambridge.org/ for more information

£14,553 international Scholarship at University of Oxford

Brief Description

In this present era, most graduates don’t usually find it easy to push their education further after graduating from a traditional undergraduate school. This is mainly because, at this stage, they are most times independent and often have family and other issues to cater for, or probably job-hunting already so the thought of pushing further when there is low/no finances seems like a scary movie to them. But with the assistance of student grants and many other educational funding programs available today, many have been able to cross the bridge to the other side. Well, the Clarendon Funds at the University of Oxford is one of those many postgraduate scholarship programs that tends to help graduate students with good grades to move their education further beyond the undergraduate degree level.

The Clarendon Scholarship scheme is majorly for graduates. This scholarship which is being taken at the University of Oxford offers 140 student grants annually. These scholarships are given on the grounds of good academic performance of students on all degree subjects at graduate level.

This scholarship is taken at the University of Oxford, United kingdom. This scholarship is primarily meant to sponsor and fund PhD programs or Master’s degree program.

Scholarship Deadline

8th January 2018 for the session starting October 2018

To Be Taken At: The University of Oxford, UK.

Eligible Courses of Study
All graduate-level courses are covered by this scholarship. This includes full-time and part-time DPhil and Master’s courses.

Number of Scholarship Awards
About 140 scholarships are awarded annually to qualified students.

Eligible Students
All international students at graduate level are eligible to apply for this scholarship offered by Clarendon Funds scholars.

Scholarship Duration
This scholarship covers all qualified scholars throughout the period of their degree program.

Scholarship Worth
Scholars receives allowances worth up to £14,553

Selection Criteria/Eligibility

  • This scholarship will be given based on the academic performance of applicants in their previous school, and the potential/skills they possess.
  • Candidates who are vying to study any DPhil or master’s course and apply by the January deadline will be considered eligible for this scholarship award.

How to Apply
If you apply for a DPhil or Master’s degree course at the Oxford University by the January scholarship deadline, you will be automatically nominated for a Clarendon scholarship.
There is no separate application for this scholarship funds. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a part-time course or full-time, what matters is your application for admission by the deadline fixed on January 2018. Failure to submit your application for admission to study a postgraduate course will result to you not being considered for this scholarship.

Scholarship Website
Kindly visit the scholarship official link for more details on how to apply http://www.clarendon.ox.ac.uk/

The Google Lime Scholarship awards $10,000 to a disabled student

Disabled students have a great opportunity to get money for college

Google is targeting disabled students with an interest in science and technology that want to go to college with the Google Lime Scholarship

If you are a student will disabilities your future might seem uncertain. All your classmates are probably making plans about which colleges to attend and what subjects to study, dreaming about future jobs and career opportunities, while you are left wondering – what will my life be like after I graduate high school?

Luckily, online universities provide a safe learning environment for atypical students like yourself. Enrolling with a degree at an online school might be a good idea for you, since you won’t have to leave the house every day to go to class. On top of that, if you can demonstrate you are student with disabilities you are eligible to receive financial help.

Big companies like Google, Microsoft or Coca Cola are looking to support the educational efforts of students in need who want to attend a traditional or online school. But Google also offers a scholarship dedicated to those who have a disability.

Programs at online universities might not come for free, but Google’s scholarship will make it easier to pay for school. The search giant has partnered up with Lime Connect to offer the Google Lime Scholarship to students who are suffering for a physical or mental ailment.

Select applicants will receive a scholarship worth $10,000 for a school year. Winners of the grant will also be invited to spend some time at the Google Scholars’ Retreat.

In order to be eligible to apply, students need to have a visible or invisible disability that can be demonstrable through medical documents. They also need to be enrolled in an undergrad or graduate program with an online university or at least plan to enroll with a degree in the following school year.

However, note that not all students with disability are eligible to receive the Google scholarship. The Mountain View-based company has an interest in students who plan to pursue a degree in computer science, computer engineering or a field closely related to the technical field.

Last but not least, applicants need to demonstrate they were capable of maintain a steady academic performance, as well as exemplify leadership.

The application has to include your general background info, resume, academic transcripts, two letters of recommendations from a professor or instructor and the answers to three essay questions.

Once you are done gathering all these documents, you can submit your forms to Google and hope for the best.

To be realistic, there’s going to be a lot of people applying for this $10,000 scholarship, but if you give it your best shot you might have a chance of actually become the beneficiary of the grant.

Before you embark on this journey – be warned. The application process will take a lot of time to complete, so if you don’t feel you have enough time to devote to it you shouldn’t start in the first place. It will be just a waste of time on your part. If you decide to go through with it, however, you stand a good chance to be rewarded for your efforts.


Dr. Pepper is giving away a huge $100,000 Scholarship

Want to study worry free? Drink some Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is looking to fully fund a college student who has a plan on how he or she would change the world

Accredited online universities often offer the best solution for students who want to go back to school. As a student who is past the college-going age, you might not find it easy to have to attend classes on a daily basis.

The home-to-college and back home route alone will eat up a lot of your time and if you’re hoping to earn a degree while also keeping a job or caring for a family member, then you need to consider college education online.

Fortunately accredited online universities are more common than they used to be a few years ago. Just fire up your browser and perform a quick search and you’ll see there are many college education online institutions offering their services today.

And just because you’re working and have an income doesn’t mean it will all go into your education. You can search for grants, apply and get your degree (fully) funded – if you’re lucky.

Let us ask you an important question – do you like Dr. Pepper? You know the fizzy drink in a can that makes you forget all about Coca Cola or Pepsi? If you do, then you might want to listen to this.

Dr. Pepper is giving away a huge $100,000 scholarship that will allow you to pay for your college tuition in full. Wouldn’t this be a dream come true? It sure would.

What do you need to do in order to be awarded this grant? Tell Dr. Pepper in 350 characters or less how you’d change the world and then go ahead and ask your friends to vote. Once you’ve reached 50 votes, you’ll need to submit a video that will bring in even more cause willing to support your cause.

Dr. Pepper will select the finalists that will compete for the $100,000 grant during throw-offs at the NCAA conference championship games.

You’ll need to be between 18 and 24 and an US citizen in order to be eligible to win. Students may not be active athletes who have played professional or semi-professional football at the time of the application. It’s a strange requirement, but here you go.

At least the application doesn’t require you to sending in vast amounts of documents like school transcripts, letter of recommendations or lengthy essays. All you need to do is give a brief description of how you’d change the world if you could. That’s all. No fancy requirements attached.

This is one of the most generous scholarship we have ever seen and believe us, we’ve seen a lot. The best part of winning this scholarship is that you’ll be able to fully concentrate on your studies, without financial worries rearing their ugly heads. You will have all expenses covered, so once you graduate you won’t find yourself engulfed in debt, but will be busy searching for a new, exciting job.

Keep in mind that you can submit applications for the Dr. Pepper scholarship until October 17, 2017. Mark the date in your calendar, so you don’t miss it!

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