Win a Scholarship to learn Mandarin in China.

Learning Mandarin had never been so easy with Early Bird International. This is the best opportunity for you if you had always dreamed with living in China and learning this language.

They opened a scholarship program to be part of a unique intercultural exchange with an accredited online university. This opportunity is perfect for those who started learning the language or for those who desire to learn it. You’ll be placed with a family and be treated like a family member during 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the program you choose. What you have to do to receive this course? Teach English to your host family! This is a literal cultural exchange. If you are thinking about taking online classes, do it abroad while living in the nation.

To participate on this program you must be between 18 and 29 years old, being a native English speaker or hold a certificate that shows you domain the language. To be able to spend from 3 to 12 months on China, being a kids lover, openly minded to other cultures, passionate, flexible and willing to adapt to new situations.

You’ll be receiving housing benefits, 3 meals per day, internet access and a family that will be treating you like other child. You’ll be receiving Chinese language lessons in an accredited online university, 6 hours weekly; $150 for personal expenses; monthly cultural and travel activities, airport pickup, orientation training and a lifetime experience by the hand of online classes.

You will be located in one of these cities: Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Tianjin. If you are desiring to be part of this wonderful program don’t be afraid to take the step that may be changing your life, this opportunity will challenge yourself and help you to become a global citizen by learning and living in other country, this will also open your mind helping you understand what China’s culture is all about.

50 thoughts on “Win a Scholarship to learn Mandarin in China.

  1. Hello! My name shueib mohamud I am from Somalia , I have bachelar degree of accounting and finance, and I need master degree of accounting and finance I need to study your university , kindly I am requesting to accept my request and please
    give me this opportunity
    thanks all
    phone number ; 252615327170

  2. I am Trevor Daniel Ssempeebwa I am nineteen years old and I have an A level certificate and I\’m a good English speaker , and I would wish to pursue my preferred course(Architecture) in one your preferred universities in China please kindly help me because my single Mom is not well financially and I need help.
    Thank you very much
    +256705705216 is my number kindly requesting a positive reply.

  3. I would love that opportunity to study in China. Chinese is a language I have been interested in learning for a while now. The language will help me in my communication with other Chinese in my career as a civil engineer since they get many of the contracts in Kenya. This will give me exposure and a first hand when it comes to the contracts.

  4. It \’s great to have this wonderful opportunity to study in China if given this chance to get scholarship. I have a bachelor\’s degree in business administration and I want to get EMBA. May I have this chance.

  5. Hi my name is Irene kindly will be grateful to get this opportunity to be able to interact with my Chinese colleagues in the beauty industry. .

  6. I am riyazul ,I am a applicant of NEET.I am poor in financial conditions,but rich in knowledges l need a small donation from your university to used in our study as well as other.please kindly help us,thank you.

  7. hello, i m MUHAMMAD UMAR SANI i m from nigeria i have certificate on education were i study BIOLOGY/GEOGRAPHY from the well known college(JIGAWA STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION GUMEL) i need your potential support to study at your respective and recognise university kindly consider my request thanks.
    +2347062700161 is phone number

  8. i am Evans kwambai am from Kenya ,i have been taking my degree in entrepreneurship and small business unit.I kindly take this golden time to request you to humbely consider me at your university

  9. with respect and honour i want this management to use their highly office to help me to further my education at this highly and recognised university please

  10. Hi I am a High School Graduate in need of your scholarship to advance my education. Thanks. Contact: +231775768060

  11. I have a certificate in project management technology and earnestly desirous to acquire more in the field of architecture but financially constrained.
    I am adaptively flexible with good sense of humor. Easy to blend with people, observant and fast learner of any new or unknown inventions with minimal or no supervision.
    With hopes in place that my plea be granted and I pledge my full compliance to all governing regulations.(+2348066590026, +2348039473888)

  12. I am Milton T. Flahn , a Liberian seeking for help to continued my Education but from a poor background, but managed to finished high school. thanks for accepting me hope to received your mail at any time.

  13. I am Indian people please help my children school fees1000$ dollershelp me lose my job money problems please help me kindly my account number Indian bank 604671510 ifsc:idib000p056 m. Sathish

  14. Hello , am kanyesigye Prossy , did bachelors in mass communication and interested in doing masters in international relations and diplomacy . I would be grateful to be offered this scholarship opportunity and am ready to adopt to my new family ,new environment , new language, new culture

  15. Mr Rashidi from Tanzania, l want this scholarship of China but l over 29.l m 35 year s but l m interest to learn Chinese. Can help me?

  16. But l want to know ,l m my responsibility to contact with this university or your already contact with them will send me mail?

  17. Am Ninkusiima MOreen from Uganda, I hv both certificate and diploma in meteorology, so really request to be given barchers in climate change. Thanks contact me on 0787699984

  18. I am from Uganda i have diploma in entrepreneurship and information technology humbly re guesting the department may this opportunity be on my upper-hand.

  19. I have BSC in Computer Science i want to continue my Masters in COMPUTER SCIENCE if i get the chance.
    Thank You

  20. Good evening, I\’m from DRC I graduated in English Business and Computer science, I\’m interested to your offer and I want to continue my academic programme. Have a good evening.

  21. I\’m interested in the program and I\’m teaching English language were I\’m working. I can handle English very well

  22. Am called MAOMBI Bosco from Rwanda ,i have finished senior six if we give me this opportunity to study in your country it is very interesting to me.

  23. My name is Muhiyadiin Yuusuf Daahir. Iam from Somalia. I have degree certificate in education. i want a master in educational field. contact me 00252634503252 or 00252906303911

  24. Am Nura Hamidu, I am a diploma graduate which I study midwifery and I will luv to take this opportunity to study this course

  25. My name is Zimkhitha Maceba I\’m a undergraduate I need funds to continue with the Project Management I was busy with last semester I didn\’t continue this semester because of money. I was doing it at Unisa.

  26. You can contact me at 0735595418 or 0838974418 I\’ll be so glad if I can go to school second semester I need to finish this course.

  27. I \’m Mulualem.I\’m Computer engineering student in Bahirdar university of ethiopia.
    can I be your student please?

  28. I am Clifford Agyemang from Ghana and holds Diploma in communication please it is my wish to study in China and to acquire more knowledge please help me get opportunity to study in China +233549411057 that is my contact

  29. I am willing to take this opportunity,if there are any vacancies that are still available would you please contact me.
    Telephonically or via email.

  30. Hello, am Elijah D. Whiegar from a post war country called Liberia. I have a BSc degree in Natural Resources Management and manor in Economic with a GPA of 3.4 and really want to enter your university, but I am from a very poor family and really need your help to further my education.

  31. Hello am ubanna I really want to enter your university. I have a GPA of 3.49.lam from a poor family and has a passion in studying medicine

  32. I am Lukwise Nicholas from uganda 🇺🇬 🇺🇬 pearl of Africa
    Am studying education in jinja teacher\’s college

  33. Hi am Ozioma I really need this scholar,
    Chinese is one of the language I love most. Am a good English speaker. I have been dreaming to study abroad all my life but no financial support. I will be glad if I get this scholarship to study in China.

  34. Hi am birhanu I really need this scholar, it has a good studying in china no financial suppor fi china goverment saport to me i am ok.

  35. Hi, My name Vanlalmuanpuia I\’m from Myanmar I need a helping I\’m Student a study on University so a don\’t have a enought money in Addmission fee pls help me. Or contact me, +959429091238

  36. Hi, my name is Momo, studying in one of the name cities would be a dream come true and obtaining the the full scholarship will really be of help in my study career.

  37. Hie, my name is Dalitso Moyo from Malawi. Am a good English speaker and I have a great passion for learning Mandarin. It would be my pleasure to study with you

  38. Hi how are you, yes I can like to study abroad but in my country there are not a lot of opportunity but i am still in school I was thinking about my future so I did this

  39. Am Lwadenge Jackson pursuing a Bachelors degree in English and Literature ….learning Chinese culture has been my greatest passion …

  40. my name is NIZEYIMANA gratien , I am Rwandan people,I have 24 years old I have a1degre in mechanical enginnering
    Ilike to study in chine! how can i get that chance!!

  41. May I please be granted this opportunity, as it would mean a lot to me.I am currently studying a National Diploma in the Department of Civil Engineering at Central University of Technology.
    I am Currently a Debate coach in three different high school in Bloemfontein.
    I live at Free State in Bloemfontein.

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