Fully Funded Cambridge Scholarship for International Students 2018

Brief Description
The University of Cambridge popularly known as Cambridge University is offering graduates the opportunity to pursue their Master’s degree in the institution. The institution which is a public research university located in England was established in 1209. This school is the second oldest in the English world. The institution is willing to fully assist academically sound graduates with a degree certificate from a reputable institution via its Gates Scholarship Program.

The Gates Scholars created by Cambridge University has developed to be a very significant scholarship amongst others known in the world. This Gates scholarship offered by the University of Cambridge is tailored to sponsor academically excellent applicants from any country outside United Kingdom to study a full-time post graduate degree in any field available in the Cambridge University. This scholarship is not for online Master’s degree.

Number of Scholarships
95 scholarships are awarded annually by the institution.

Scholarship Deadline
11th October 2017 for Nationals and residents in the United States.
6th December 2017 and 4th January 2018 for all other applicants who are eligible.

The Scholarship will be taken at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Eligible Course of Study
Any course offered by Cambridge University – MLiit, PhD, MSc

Eligible Applicants
All graduate applicants from any country outside United Kingdom are eligible to apply for this student grant.

Students Eligibility

  • Applicants who are pursuing to study a full-time course in PhD, MSc, MPhil, MLitt, LLM, MASt, MBA, Diploma etc.
  • And if you are a national of any country aside United Kingdom.

Applicants should visit https://www.gatescambridge.org/apply/eligibility to see full eligibility.

Scholarship Worth
This scholarship covers the full fees and tuition of successful applicants plus living allowances, travel expenses and much more. Extra funding for academic development, field work, and family allowances are also given to applicants who made it to the final list.

More information about the scholarship worth can be found here – https://www.gatescambridge.org/apply/value

How to Apply
Interested applicants must apply for admission via the institution’s graduate admission portal by the set deadline.

US citizens and applicants residing in the US are to apply for admission by 11th October 2017, while international applicants are required to apply by 6th December 2017 or 4th January 2018. Failure to apply for admission by the set deadline will automatically disqualify you for the student grant. His scholarship is not for online Master’s degree.

Scholarship Link
Please visit http://www.gatescambridge.org/ for more information

23 thoughts on “Fully Funded Cambridge Scholarship for International Students 2018

  1. Hi my name is Robinson Boakai from Liberia, I hold a bachelor degree in criminal justice administration and sociology minor. I am interested in getting a scholarship to study abroad want to do my master if possible double master. I graduated with GPA 3 point.

    • Hi my name is Timothy Arufie Gilbert from Papua New Guinea…I have graduated in University of Goroka in Business as a teacher.I’m really intetested to get free scholarship to do degree in Business Management and or Economics

  2. Hi My Name is Mohamed Dahir Wardheere from somalia
    I Hold bacholar Degree In
    International RelationShip
    My family is poor
    Pleas I help me if possiple
    ===Thank For Every Think====

  3. Bonjour, je m’appelle mulongo kunsa jaime de nationalité congolaise. Je suis présentement en tunisie. Je serai en juin prochain détenteur d’un diplôme de licence en finance.
    A la recherche d’une bourse d’étude.
    Votre aide me sera d’une gratitude parfaite.

  4. My name is suraj. I will be happy if you can find me an institution where I can work and also study. I will be happy if my comment is been approved and accepted.

  5. Hi,I\’m Yoshani.I have completed my Bsc(Hons) in physiotherapy .I\’m searching for full scholarship for masters

  6. Hi! My name is Sallymahealani. Matamea. Im From Pago Pago American Samoa. I apply for a Full Scholarship, and i really need a full Scholarship.

  7. Hi..my name is Hilary, I\’m from Ghana and I need a full scholarship to study any course concerning business

  8. Hello, I\’m from Liberia I really need a full scholarship to earn a Master degree in public Administration abroad. I\’m a female please help me.

  9. Hello
    My name is Mehammed Jima
    I went this scholarship because of my parents please help me i have not enough money to Join your university i have big dream this is big chance for me to change my parents life please
    Thanks for everything

  10. My name is Saifal khan
    I went this scholarship because of my parents please help me i have not enough money to Join your university i have big dream this is big chance for me to change my parents life please
    Thanks for everything

  11. My name is dayo and I would appreciate it if I can get a scholarship for a masters degree in international relations, preferably working and studying

  12. Hi, my name is Timothy Kanai. I hold a diploma in Construction Management and work for in the field for more than 20 yrs. I prefer to do a degree in Construction Management by studying on line or abroad.


  13. My name is Asaye Liknaw from Ethiopia and graduated from Addis Ababa University with a master of arts in Management of vocational education and Currently, I am working as laboratory assistance in Addis Ababa City, one of it’s high school. Hereby, I would like to inform you that your organization is in a position to support financial aid. But if possible your competition criteria are focused on those who from developing countries like Africa. I am from one of the marginalized area, Ethiopia. I hope your organization is giving me a chance to widen my knowledge to come back to the resident country. I am very interested to join Postgraduate degree in Business Management, Social Work, or other social science fields. thank You

  14. Hi! Am talented in neuro-ideoplaseic & intel-idiosyncratic technocratism. Perhaps i\’m an intel-ingenious contratechnologist. I\’ve all the practical, conscious, & unconscious experiences on abstruse research professionalism.
    Kindly, i need sponsorship/grant to further my education…

  15. Uganda is one of the countries which are prone to disease out breaks, grow up in this community seeing people dieing ,some of them die simply because they don\’t have medical information about the disease and how to prevent it .
    It\’s from that brief background ground that i came up with an idea of applying online course from university of people based in new York, with the aim of addressing this problem of luck of information and to fight disease out breaks in the community.
    So my biggest challenge is financial aid to support me attain this degree of which I have been given admission letter ,only am lucking fees ,please am requesting for your help ,inorder for me to answer my dreams of helping my people in my community Uganda.

  16. Hi my name is Ephrem Gemechu from Ethiopia, I have graduated in University of Refit vale in Accounting . I’m really interested to get fully scholarship to do 2th degree in Business Management or Economics

  17. hello dear!! My name is mussie G/egziabher from Ethiopia . I have a first degree with Civics and Ethics from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. currently , i am graduate assistant in one governmental university in Ethiopia. But now, I am interested and hopefully expect to get the scholarship chance from your institution and to broaden my knowledge by studying any available and valid field in the university.So, please consider and help me to meet my dream!

    Sincerely yours!

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